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Many people have old cars sitting on their property. They might be broken down and cost more money to repair than they work or just are not needed anymore. Whatever the reason, you can give us a call and our representative will come to give you a fair price for your vehicle.

You’ll be happy to have the cash and get rid of the unused or unneeded vehicle. Contact Cash 4 Cars of Edmonton today!

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Enjoy offers made right on the spot for your vehicle. Everything is done with integrity, and you’ll be dealt with face-to-face. Stay away from companies that offer shady deals or less than desirable junkyards. Our representatives will come to you and provide you with the fair market value on your vehicle.

Junk Car Towing

Top Dollar for Your Junk Vehicle

Most junk car removal companies will make their profit by helping you get rid of your car by offering FREE towing service. They then turn around and offer your old car to scrap metal dealers in order to gain a profit.

While we provide FREE junk car removal services, we will also pay you for the salvage value of your car at the same time. This way, you not only get rid of your car but have more cash in your hands at the same time. We have been serving Edmonton, Alberta since 2006.

Cash for Car

Vehicle or Automotive Recycling

Do you have parts or bits and pieces of a car that you don’t need anymore? We provide automotive recycling services and will pay you for these items. Call us today to get a FREE appraisal for your vehicle.

Bring Your Car and Get Cash Today

Call our evaluation specialist today and experience a company that is known for paying the highest possible rates in the industry. Our reputation has been earned by hard work and through keeping our promises to our clients.

You’ll enjoy getting the most from your vehicle and the least amount of hassle through the process. Get in touch with Cash 4 Cars of Edmonton, a locally owned and operated business.

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FREE junk car removal available! Enjoy fair and honest prices for your unused or unneeded vehicles.

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